Bunker Customs  is a two man operation run by Mert Uzer and Can Uzer. We are two brothers who are simply passionate about motorcycles. Our journey began when we realized we couldn’t find what we were looking for in new age bikes. There are lots of new age bikes and tons of mass produced parts to choose from, but at the end of the day, we just weren’t satisfied .So we decided to get our hands dirty and soon found ourselves sucked into the limitless possibilities that could be done in the world of customization.  When were designing a bike the goal is to meet the specific rider’s needs mixed with our aesthetic taste. We’re most enthusiastic about  what can we add to a bike, and for us that’s a sweet middle ground between function and aesthetic.

There are two ways that we work. Way number 1, the one that we prefer, is when a customer brings their own bike to us. Sense of ownership and connection to that particular bike is something we like to see in our customers. It makes the process of customization more personal, more detailed, and whole lot more fun. Plus its better to hear the history of the bike first hand from the owner

Way number two is we collaborate with the customer to specifically choose  a bike that fits the rider and the project. Process of customization is made through utilizing and reshaping the bike in sense of expectation for personal functionality and aesthetics.

-Scaling and measuring

-Deciding on form and posture shaped around riding conditions

-Drawing process shaped around ergonomic needs

-Finalizing the drawing process with deciding the color scheme through the alternatives

-Modification process