Honda CB650 1980 Custom Acewell tacho Speedo

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The CB 650 C was a fun project. It’s got the same engine as the standard CB 650 but different framework. Originally, it comes with long forks and lower rear shocks to resemble the chopper look.

Honda CB650 1980 Custom Left side

I think Honda made this C type chopper looking series for all CB’s to appeal to a different market. The original look is photographed below.
Custom job explanation
– First we got rid of the extra geometry at the frames tail end and finished it with a brat style angled tail
-English wheeled a new aluminum mudguard & new side panels to fit new rear end geometry

Honda CB650 1980 Custom chrome silencer DID gold chain

-Rewired and fitted the ignition key to the left side panel
-Painted the new side panels and gas tank with vintage green and gold theme & put on matching DID gold chain

Honda CB650 1980 Custom exhaust heat wrap

-To achieve the lean and parallel to the ground main line of the bike we’ve risen the rear shocks to 13,5 ich lowbrow shocks an lowered the forks 3.5 cm’s
–Put on 5 and 3.50 Firestone tires to 16 inch rear and 19 inch front wheels to maintain the even look

Honda CB650 1980 Custom polished aluminum

–Fitted LSL clip-on handlebars &
Lucas headlight with oem brackets, replaced the original instrument cluster
with Acewell tacho

–Fitted small signal light & stop
light to preserve the clean look

-Combined 4 seperate exhaust to 2 to 1 and
fitted Emgo mufflers

Honda CB650 1980 Custom Tail light rear mudguard

– Engine block was in horrible condition when we opened it up. Went over the electric, rebored the engine, and changed valve guides
– Painted the cylinder block, trigger unit and alternator covers
– Put on K&N 1 to 2 air filters & re-jetted the carbs for max performance