Triumph Bonneville T100 2014 Custom with rider

T100 was already very pretty looking bike when the owner brought it to our garage. We tried to do our best mainly to carry visual balance as best as we could. We got to work once the drawing process was finished.
Custom job explanation

Triumph Bonneville T100 2014 Custom tank

-We threw out the rear fender, stop, and signal assembly. Tail length was our main concern. It originally had straight end pipes with plastic caps hidden underneath the seat. We shortened the tail end and seat approximately %20 and ended it with a loop. A small piece of the loop was cut off to make the seat bolts accessible

Triumph Bonneville T100 2014 Custom air filter

-fitted progressive rear shocks to improve handling which are 2-3 cms higher than stock to give the bike a bit more of an aggressive stance
-After balancing the tail length and posture, we made a new shorter seat plate and reshaped the foam with a higher back bump. We fitted LUIMOTO gold gel under the cover and upholstered it with real brown leather

Triumph Bonneville T100 2014 Custom

– Fitted handmade aluminum rear and front fender to accompany new rear balance
– Made a handmade rear stoplight made in lathe. Design inspiration coming from engine fins. We tried to carry that look to the taillight
– Relocated front and rear turn signals
– Fitted an OEM yellow beam to get a more characteristic and vintage look. We also made and aggressive looking guard to the headlight rim

Triumph Bonneville T100 2014 Custom predator exhaust silencer

-Fitted bitwell low-rise handle bar to accompany new riding posture and covered the grips with the same brown leather
-We fitted K&N air filters and British Customs Predator silencer & wired Power commander to squeeze out more power. After dyno testing and new mapping, we managed to get 68,7 hp 71 torque
– Drilled out the side panel referencing to open air filter and placed aluminum mesh under it. Fitted a handmade front engine guard
-Also fitted steering damper Lsl sliders