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Bunker Custom Cycles

Triumph Classics Skid Plate

Triumph Classics Skid Plate

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Triumph Classic lack some of the basic protective components and the Skid Plate is another one of them. Bunker's Skid Plate directly replaces the plastic cover that comes with the stock bike which doesn't cover up the oil filter, leaving it exposed. So if you are an adventure rider by using our skid plate another thing to worry about is off the checklist

Technical Specs

Skid plate is laser cut and bent from one piece of 3mm aluminum. This Skid plate designed to replace the OEM Plastic and keep your bikes engine from harm. This product covers up both the front and the rear side of the bike. Powder-coated with high quality black paint. Our skid plate will protect your bikes belly from Small collisions.

High quality powder-coated matte black.

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Right setup for adventure riding

No need to worry about adventure riding debris and mishaps. Its now protected.